Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cake

I'm going back in the archives today. I was going through some of my pictures, organizing them and {finally!} backing them up to "the cloud" - wherever that is - still not sure - but I feel like I sound really smart when I talk about the cloud, and now I can officially say that I use it, too.

Anyway, I came across pictures from Olivia's 2nd birthday. It was the last birthday where I got to choose the theme... now I'm afraid I'm destined to throw princess party after princess party after princess party. Which is fine, but I'm sure glad I threw one non-pink party while I had a chance! My choice was... Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

This cake was so much fun to make. I took a day off work so I could work on it without a little helper, and so there would be a big surprise on birthday morning.

I baked a basic 8x8" square cake for the base. Then for the clubhouse, I used the small Pampered Chef Small Batter Bowl as my baking pan - yes, it can go in the oven!

The head and ears are made from styrofoam balls. I found some food spray paint and went through at least 3 cans of it, just to coat the white enough. Then I used dowel rods to hold the ears on and support the head onto the clubhouse. A couple of figurines from the party store and a #2 candle finished it off!

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