Monday, November 14, 2011

Woodland Baby Shower

Another baby shower this year! After the two baby showers earlier this year, I promised my husband that I wouldn't agree to host anything else this year until the holidays... but then I realized that my friend Lynee would absolutely need a baby shower, and so I had to break my promise - with his permission, of course. At least it wasn't at our house, right?!?! {justification...}

Lynee decorated her baby's nursery in a woodland theme, with deer and trees. So we ran with it. I began searching Pinterest and Google for ideas, and I was amazed at how popular the theme is. We started out with great invitations from Invitations by Ruth, which matched the nursery incredibly well.

The food table - isn't the acorn swag {made by Jen} great? Inspiration came from Lauren Makes.

Joanna found these adorable woodland creature cupcake picks on Etsy! The cupcake liners {from WalMart} were folded up in the cupcake tins before batter was added. Then we did a quick swirl of frosting with a big star decorating tip and stuck in the picks. So easy!

This was my contribution to the food table - my Hershey kiss/mini Nilla wafer/cinnamon chip acorns turned out so well {and tasted really good}! I've seen them a few places on Pinterest, but I think the original idea is from Lipstick & Laundry.

Add some fruit, chips and salsa, and crackers and cheeseball, and it was a fun afternoon spread!

There's just something about dainty cloth napkins wrapped with a simple ribbon, and clear glass hostess sets to eat off of... LOVE!

The stash of gifts... for my present to Lynee, I wanted something that wasn't necessarily practical, but something I knew she would still use. After much searching, I came across The Flies Blend where there was a DIY for monthly onesies. I think they turned out pretty well...
I downloaded the printables from the blog and opened each in a Word document, then formatted them so each one filled an entire page {6 were on a page}. Then I used Avery iron-on transfer paper for ink jet printers and printed them using the highest quality my printer would do. I cut them apart and then followed the directions on the Avery package to transfer them onto the onesies {in 4 different sizes}.

Then I rolled them each up and put them in a gift box from Target.

This is Lynee opening the gift - I think she liked them. :-)

The girls! Joanna, Lynee {mommy of honor!}, Jen, and me.
Can't wait to meet your baby, Lynee!!!

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  1. Love the pics! You guys did an AWESOME job! The food was fabulous and the decorations were perfect. Thanks again!


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