Thursday, November 24, 2011

Knock-Off Cinnamon Rolls

Happy Thanksgiving!!! A couple of my friends are running the Turkey Trot this morning. Others are busy cooking up a storm. Some may be "fasting" to save room and calories for the indulgences to come later today. How did our family begin the day? Cinnamon rolls, of course!
I'll be making some pecan pie and green bean casserole later this morning, so I wanted something quick. But I also wanted something special for breakfast for my family. I had some crescent rolls in the fridge, and some cinnamon chips left over from the shower I threw a couple weeks ago, so I was all set.

First I unrolled the crescent dough, separated it into the two long strips, and rolled the seams together.

Then I melted up a little butter and brushed it over the rolled out dough. After sampling a few of the cinnamon chips {man, I love those things!} I sprinkled them generously on top.

Next I rolled the dough up, pressing the seam down so it would stay together when it was baked {which it didn't do very well, but oh well}.

 To cut the rolls, I used a little trick my mom always did when making {real} cinnamon rolls: cut a piece of sewing thread, slide it under the dough, and cinch it up until it cuts all the way through the dough.

Put the rolls on parchment paper on a baking sheet, and repeat with the other half of the crescent rolls.

Pop into the oven, following the time listed on the crescent roll package, and voila! Breakfast is served! Well... ok, so I added some pecan cream cheese frosting that I had left over... not necessary, but it definitely was a great addition! {I promise that the recipe for the Butter Pecan Cake that the frosting was from is coming soon!}

Happy Thanksgiving ~ enjoy family, friends, and food!

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