Monday, August 8, 2011

Amber's Baby Shower

This weekend, two friends and I threw a baby shower for my dear friend Amber. Her nursery theme is multi-colored dots and swirls, so we took that theme and ran with it. (Thanks to friend Erin for taking the pictures so I could play hostess!)
Randi came up with the idea of round foods - brilliant. We served tortilla roll-ups... round crackers and cheese... cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon balls...
Veggies and dip in a round serving tray... Miniature chocolate cream pies (wow, all credit goes to Randi for these - I'm sure she spent HOURS making all those miniature pie crusts - they were fantastic)...
Punch that tasted like a smoothie... And of course a round cake! Randi baked two strawberry layers and one white one, and we decorated it together based on an idea I had seen pinned from Martha Stewart weddings.
It was super easy once the cake was iced - just plop the M&M's on in rows.

Decorations were my assignment, so I made some mobiles that Amber can hopefully use in her nursery. They're just embroidery hoops with circles threaded and looped on at different lengths. Then I found some great ribbon with hanging pom poms and used a glue gun to attach it to the hoops.

Jessie was in charge of favors. She found these great "seed bombs" on Etsy. (My thumb is blacker than black, so I'm anxious to see if mine actually grow!) We used an umbrella at the door to display the favors so everyone would remember to take one as they left.
I was so excited to find these drop-"crystals" at Michaels so it could be raining at our shower!

And of course we can't forget the presents... Amber has lots of new things to put in her nursery!
Congratulations, Amber... can't wait to meet your new little baby!!!

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  1. What an amazing baby shower with many helpers. You did a fabulous job and, looks like Amber received some much needed gifts for her new baby. EXCELLENT job, Shannon and friends!!!


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